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Today is Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Sobienie Królewskie Golf & Country Club


The Sobienie Królewskie Golf & Country Club golf course is an exceptional project. By utilising a sand base we will create a place that guarantees perfect golfing conditions. Designers from the Ford Golf Design Group, who worked on every element of the project, drew inspiration from famous British courses.

The main focus of the designers was to create an illusion of a mature course from the moment of its opening. As the course is still in development, this goal has been largely accomplished. The distinctive plants, well-groomed roughs and water hazards reward players who are determined yet careful, while a careless player will keep falling into the traps set by the designers. But the course enables both advanced players and beginners to have fun with their game. Novice golfers can seek professional advice. And all of this is available just 30 kilometres from Warsaw! What will you find? At Sobienie Królewskie, golf players will find great rustic bunkers and impressive landforms inspired by traditional golf courses. Due to the undulating lay of the land, the game is made extremely interesting. The course does not feature any straight lines. Pines, birches and heather adorning the scenery give a mature appearance and a diversity of colours. The terrain texture and high grass surrounding the course, such as fescue, mark the playing route. The fairways covered with thick grass provide sharp contrast with the surrounding area of natural vegetation. The greens with soft bent grass require players to make perfect puts. The inclination of the putting greens, not overly demanding, rewards bold players. Water hazards provide the perfect strategic challenge, but their difficulty is not discouraging. Up to 6 tee types have been designed at the Sobienice Królewskie Golf & Country Club course. This enables players of any level to enjoy the game. The course has a friendly atmosphere. A game at the scenic golf course at the Sobienie Królewskie Golf & Country Club will provide both a challenge and give satisfaction.



Sobienie Szlacheckie 6
08-443 Sobienie Jeziory
Powiat Otwocki, województwo mazowieckie



  • +48 22 494 31 71
  • +48 663 404 805


Spring-summer season /01.04.-30.09./
Monday-Fridays 8:00 - 18:00
Weekend/Holidays 7:00 - 19:00